Sunday, 27 March 2011

Our Chief Instructor is available to answer any RYA Theory Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper Questions On Line

You can email Susie here for help and advice with any of your RYA Theory Course Questions.

Yachtmaster Instructor appointed as Chief Instructor Blue Oyster Sailing

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Susie Capel YMI as the new Chief Instructor at Blue Oyster Sailing. Susie has been sailing at Barcelona Sailing School for the last two seasons and has now successfully completed her Yachtmaster Instructor Course first time in Plymouth UK. Following a busy few weeks which included passing the SRC VHF Instructor Course and a week own boat tuition in Cannes on a 50ft Grand Soleil, passing one of the sailing worlds most coveted Instructor Qualifications has fittingly led to her new appointment. Well done!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

RYA Online Theory Course RYA Day Skipper RYA Coastal Skipper

Our Online Theory Course's with full RYA Instructor Support costs from just £195 we don't offer needless graphics, we offer real RYA Instructors Online when you need them and a support pack of RYA Literature that is yours for life. Email us here for further information.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

RYA Theory Day Skipper Students Pass Assessments

Well done to Peter, Dan, David, and Tom all passed RYA Day Skipper Theory, and to James RYA Coastal Skipper.

RYA Chartwork Magnetic Variation and Deviation (Revision)

On your chart, directions are given as True (T), towards the Ships Head Compass from the chart, you will need to account for Magnetic Variation. Identify a compass rose on the chart nearest to your position, work out the difference between the year on the rose and now, do the maths and round to the nearest degree East or West. From Chart to Compass add Westerly Variation (Grid to Mag add West) arriving at a heading in degrees (M). Now for Deviation. From the Deviation Curve onboard your yacht or in your PNT (Practice Navigation Tables) check the effect of deviation on this Magnetic point of sail.  Towards the Compass add the Westerly Deviation and you will arrive at a compass heading in degrees C. You may see it written like this

007(W) variaton
017 (M)
004(W) deviation

Grid to Mag Add the Westerly - Mag to Grid get rid of the Westerly.

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RYA Shorebased Theory Course Barcelona Spain

We have a RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory Course in Barcelona alternate weekends with RYA Coastal Skipper the courses are 4 days spread over two weekends. You can combine SRC VHF and First Aid with either of these courses. For our UK customers we have availability in London, Swindon and Wales, courses can be either weekends, 5 days residential, or of course everything is now Online. Call +34 972 662 494 or Ask Your RYA Theory Course Question Here Throughout this summer season we also have RYA Theory Courses and accommodation at a luxury hill top villa, pool sunshine and professional tuition. Enjoy.

Tidal Curve, Stream or Atlas remember The Box Of Facts

Before you set about answering any Tidal questions, gather together the information you will most certainly need. Let's call it your 'Box Of Facts' & it will comprise Date of your Passage,  Time of HW (corrected for DST) note down height of HW and LW the difference between the two is the Tidal Range. We need this to determine whether it is Springs or Neaps. Lastly, the period of time relative to HW. Remember the Period of HW is 30 minutes before HW and 30 minutes after. For example if HW is 1200 the period will be 1130 to 1230. All other times before or after are relative to this. You may write this as an example:

Date 12 June
Time HW + DST 1300
HW 4.6
LW 0.5
Range 4.1
Nps or Sps (clearly Sps)
Period of Time HW + or -

The Box Of Facts will save you time and keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve. Many thanks to Dave who was online 10 minutes ago. Email us here.

RYA On Line Theory Courses - RYA Instructors offer help and advice when you need it

With our RYA Online Courses you will receive a full pack of support reading and study material but more importantly you will have a RYA Instructor to hand either by email or phone to discuss any problems you may have. You can ask at anytime online for explanations of any part of the course. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us. We'll call you back at a prearranged time, or you can talk online with one of our RYA Instructors.

Online RYA Day Skipper Theory Pack plus online support from £195  RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster £295. Exams can be taken online if required or as part of a RYA Practical Course. All courses are prepaid via secure Paypal Link The course must be completed within 6 months of purchase.

So you have chosen another online course, or you just need an answer to a self study question. No problem we are here to help. You can use Paypal to pay for the advice you need in 10 minute sections for £20, it's immediate. Just gather together the questions you have and we'll have an email reply back to you when you need it.You could even just follow this blog, we occasionally publish questions and answers here to. Contact us by email here we'll assign an Instructor and off you go.

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yacht Crew Training Barcelona and Gibraltar visit our Super Yacht and Crew Training Centre

Yacht Crew Training, STCW 95 Courses, and MCAYachtmaster 200gt Training can be found at our new resource. Just visit by using this link. Or call for information about all of our Yacht Crew Training Courses 34 972 662 494.