Saturday 12 June 2010

A Question for RYA Yachtmasters

For a day out on the water just answer the following correctly.

1. Where would you find the Tack onboard a sailing yacht?
2. To what does MLWS refer to on a tidal chart?
3. At night sailing you're looking at 2 yellow flashing lights mounted vertically, what are you looking at?
4. On which channel is a DSC call transmitted?
5. What cools the exhaust gases passing out of the engine?
7. How many minutes in a degree of Latitude?
8. What does the word 'Later' mean during the weather forecast?
9. On what point of sail would you increase back stay tension?
10. Upto what size sailing yacht may a Tri-colour be used?
Answers emailed to us here please, news teams decision final obviously, first correct email can sail with us for a day 10am to 1700 at a mutually agreeable time. Have fun! Answers by 20th June 2010.