Saturday 12 March 2011

Tidal Curve, Stream or Atlas remember The Box Of Facts

Before you set about answering any Tidal questions, gather together the information you will most certainly need. Let's call it your 'Box Of Facts' & it will comprise Date of your Passage,  Time of HW (corrected for DST) note down height of HW and LW the difference between the two is the Tidal Range. We need this to determine whether it is Springs or Neaps. Lastly, the period of time relative to HW. Remember the Period of HW is 30 minutes before HW and 30 minutes after. For example if HW is 1200 the period will be 1130 to 1230. All other times before or after are relative to this. You may write this as an example:

Date 12 June
Time HW + DST 1300
HW 4.6
LW 0.5
Range 4.1
Nps or Sps (clearly Sps)
Period of Time HW + or -

The Box Of Facts will save you time and keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve. Many thanks to Dave who was online 10 minutes ago. Email us here.