Sunday 14 February 2010

RYA Theory STCW 95 Courses - UK and Barcelona, Tarragona - Spain, and Gibraltar

Introducing a new module to our Fastrack Yachtmaster Courses from UK, Spain and Gibraltar. For the Professional Yachtmaster who is going to work in the Yachting Industry, you will need your STCW 95 Certificates. We are now offering Fastrack Yachtmaster Plus which includes the 4 STCW 95 Certificates including the STCW Firefighting Module.

The 14 week Fast Track Yachtmaster course costs 7495 pounds the Fastrack Yachtmaster Plus Course lasts 16 weeks and includes STCW 95 and costs 8495 pounds. Please email for further information or call 0034 972 662 494 These Courses are delivered in association with Blue Oyster Sailing.

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